Today is Thursday and I’m at work, working. This is work. 🙂  I do ❤ my job.  OK I should be working on a client’s blog and not my own, but practice makes perfect, right?

My boss ordered this awesome KoNa Blend Island Style coffee from the Coffee People, at my suggestion, and it is super yummy!  I luv it when a plan comes together.

Today I am exploring facebook insights… a pretty cool lil analytics tool I prolly shoulda used before now, but w/e I’m on the boat now.

7 more hours of fabulous workity stuff and then I’m off to Sakura to meet my friend Lisa so we can watch game 7 of the Sharks and the Redwings in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs.  We are both from Michigan originally, so you know who we’ll be rootin’ for!