Gravity Par Deux

Soooo… the bubble, as aforementioned, has burst.  Seems to me that 5 weeks was an excruciatingly long time time for the bubble to exist in the first damn place. OK, Ok I wanted to stay up there in the clouds; dammit I did!  I was having a blast playing amongst the cherubs and the angels… I was living in my own dream and it was nice.

I am not actually over my whelm of emotions  fully, so as to write very eloquently yet… I am sad; the air let out of my balloons…sad. This sadness is not a sadness I cannot overcome… I can deal with this and I’m sure that in just a few days, I will be better for it. The facts are that I’ve had a very pleasant few weeks. I had wished for Gravity to take some time off, and I enjoyed Gravity’s vacation.

For a few short weeks I was in love. I’d met someone nearly as sarcastic as myself, and he made me laugh. I could see the mischief in his eyes when he tested me on random risque topics; I prided myself in having worthy responses. He was never easy to decipher and always kept me on my toes, but I rather enjoyed this game of cat mouse mystery… I shall call it “intriguing”. Most of the time, I felt quite at home with him… it was easy being me and being loved.

But all that is gone now. Our anti-gravitational wonderland has moved along, leaving behind it this relatively small path of destruction. It’s not that my love was unwelcomed or unreciprocated… indeed I think it was very well received. However, there are so many issues outside of our immediate control… things we can’t change. We are who we are and sometimes we just aren’t good for each other. I made the healthy choice, the hard choice, and Gravity is now firmly back in place weighing oh so heavily on my heart.


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